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Neighborhood Management Company

CSI Community Management

575 Davidson Gateway Dr # 200

Davidson, NC 28036

704 892-1660


* Contact CSI directly for account info     & dues owed.

Chip Abernethy

I’m Chip Abernethy, running for the Raintree HOA Board of Directors. My wife and I are native Charlotteans as are our 5 adult children. I’ve been a Raintree resident for over 5 years and an active member of Raintree Country Club for 30+ years, serving on various committees throughout the club. My background is flexible packaging for 42 years as a Sales Director, Training Director and Production Liaison and currently a small business owner. Being semi-retired, I have the time and resources to give back to our wonderful community. On our daily walks through Raintree North, we notice the very many assets that Raintree has to offer but also see the need for continued improvements for the betterment of our neighborhood. I would be honored to serve and give back to Raintree.

Hermes Goudes

I am currently on the Board since January 2020 and have been focused on addressing administrative accuracy and common area maintenance, particularly for our lake and erosion prone areas as well as improved safety near The Arboretum. I also served from 2010 through 2015 on Raintree and Village of Raintree Boards and the Land Use committee from 2016 to 2017. I believe strongly in communicating and sharing info with homeowners and routinely participate with City and County and CMPD/safety matters as they relate and impact our community as a whole."

Neighborhood Information

Trash Day - Every Tuesday

Recycling Day - Every other Tuesday

Yard Waste Day - Every Tuesday

Zip Code - 28277

County - Mecklenburg

City - Charlotte

CMPD Division - South


Elementary School - Olde Providence Elementary

Middle School - South Charlotte Middle School

High School - Providence High School

Voting/ Districts

Board of Education: District 6

Charlotte City Counsel: District 7

Mecklenburg County Congressional District: 12

NC House of Representatives: District 103

US House of Representatives: District 12

NC Senate: District 37

Voting Location: South Charlotte Middle School


Governing Documents

Download your neighborhood Bylaws and Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CCRs) here.

Before You Start, Check with ARC

Prior to starting improvements to your home exterior or yard, check your covenants to see if you need to submit an review form to the ARC committee

Jessica Hiner

My name is Jessica Hiner and I recently moved to the Raintree CC with my husband Brian, and two furbabies, Sophie and Olive. In search of warmer weather, better traffic (yes this isn’t traffic ☺ ), and ahandful of additional reasons, we moved from Chicago in 2019. I have volunteered within various boardroles throughout the last 15 years within my profession, along with additional personal volunteeropportunities such as Habitat for Humanity and Susan G Komen. My goal holding a board seat is to work with current and newly elected board members, to makeimprovements to benefit my fellow neighbors. Whether that means improvements to bi-lawdocumentation, offerings within the Raintree community or all of the above. I’m happy to see where Ican help, meet new people and make a difference to benefit all! 

Dale Yaged

I am a resident of Raintree for 40 years, and  currently serve on  Raintree Homeowner’s Association as Secretary.  I am a retired National Board Certified Teacher  from Charlotte Mecklenburg School System.  I am interested in keeping our community safe, well maintained, and fiscally responsible.  I am a member of Raintree Country Club  where I served two terms on the Board of Directors. I  know the importance of having this club continue to improve, as it effects the Village of Raintree’s property values, and makes it attractive to homeowners. 

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