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Bylaws and CCRs




Welcome to Williamsburg, we are very excited that you are part of our great community. With 142 homes, we are the southwest corner of the Village of Raintree, Williamsburg is full of charm with tree-lined streets and great neighbors. The Williamsburg HOA (WHOA) Board is pleased to provide this welcome letter to keep you informed of key contacts, events, ARC (Architectural Review Committee) Forms, CCRs (Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions) and other important information for our neighborhood. We hope this letter, and other communications will help keep you better informed, and encourage residents to get involved and continue to make our neighborhood such a great place to live.


Key WHOA and ARC Contacts:

WHOA Board

WHOA ARC Committee –


Key Neighborhood Info:

  • HOA Bylaws, Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions (CCRs), ARC Forms:

  • The Village of Raintree (VOR) is the collective homeowner’s association for the entire Raintree development and is comprised of seven sub-associations, of which Williamsburg HOA is one. Members from each of the HOAs meet monthly to discuss matters effecting the greater Raintree community. Information about VOR and WHOA Bylaws and CCRs can be found on,

  • Williamsburg ARC forms are also on this site or on the Williamsburg Facebook (neighborhood managed site not HOA). Please email ARC requests to the ARC committee, and they will respond timely.   

  • ARC forms/requests are required, but not limited to the following items prior to commencing work.

    • Tree removal, exterior modifications/painting, satellite dishes, sheds and other freestanding structures. There’s no cost involved in submitting a request. 

    • Please ensure you get all request to one of the ARC members and they will route it to the right parties.

  • Williamsburg Raintree Facebook Group: The Williamsburg Facebook page is run by residents and sends out general information about events and neighborhood updates to the members. Please join via Facebook 


Key Annual Events:

  • Spring Social

  • Ice Cream Social (first day of school)

  • Halloween Party

  • Periodic Movie Nights

  • Holiday Wreaths and Decorations

  • Luminaries (x-mas eve)


(times vary so check the front message board)

Before You Start

Check with ARC

Fixing the Roof

Prior to starting improvements to your home exterior or yard, check your covenants to see if you need to submit an review form to the ARC committee

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