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CCR Violations Report 

As a neighbor of Raintree, you can observe and have concerns about fellow neighbors and their compliance with our HOA CCR.  Each HOA has similar but different Covenants based on when their neighborhood was developed and amendments made by their boards over the years.  The best way to share your specific concerns to the appropriate HOA ARC is by following the process outlined below.  

How the process works:
1-  Submit a complaint on the form below.   

2- The appropriate HOA ARC or appointed VOR staff member will validate your complaint by attempting to observe (and photograph) the issue described.

3- Once the complaint has been confirmed, the HOA's ARC will review via their monthly meeting or email based on their HOA process.

4- If HOA's ARC votes to act, they will work toward a resolution for the issue with the homeowner. The ARC and Staff do not disclose the identity of the person who made the complaint.

5- If the issue cannot be resolved, the matter will be reviewed by the HOA Board or other appropriate committee for further consideration. Through an adopted violation and hearing process, your Board may request the identity and meet with the complainant to help resolve the complaint.

If you have further questions, you may call the VOR office at 704-846-2797. VOR staff cannot answer all questions but will attempt to direct you to the proper HOA/ARC member.

Complaints sent through this form go to VOR Staff first who will forward information to the appropriate ARC or
HOA Board members.


Staff DO NOT work on weekends.


If you feel you see a Common Area maintenance problem, that is not normally an ARC issue. Please contact the VOR Staff at the office 704-846-2797.

ARC and Board members volunteer their time to help residents resolve issues. Please consider reporting city/county issues directly to get quickest response.


To report noise, animal, sidewalk, streetlight, trash can, utility work concerns, public street or other city issues, you may contact the city/county directly at or by phone 311 .


ARC and Board must follow appropriate and legal means to resolve issues. In some circumstances, the city/county has greater authority and can address some problems immediately.

Thanks for submitting!

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