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Village of Raintree Overview

The Village of Raintree organization is NOT a master association, but is a cooperative maintenance and service entity which serves the member HOAs. The Village of Raintree Board is comprised of one representative from each Primary HOA. Each HOA is entitled to have an alternate attend, but cannot vote. Management and Adminstrative staff are employed by VOR to collect dues, perform common maintenance as well as coordinate interactions among the various Boards, committees, residents outside professionals and agencies. All VoR property owners contribute dues to support VoR. Freestanding homes contribute 100% while Townhomes/condos contribute 75% and Apartments contribute 50%. VoR maintains shared common areas/assets, but does not maintain “limited” or common area intended solely for use by townhome/condo/apartment owners.

Village of Raintree Board

President - Tom Scarfato (Raintree)
Vice President - Justin Jones (Williamsburg)
Treasurer - Juan Luis Periche-Feliz (Timberidge)
Secretary - Miller Boyd (Raintree Lakes)

Member - Traci Johnston (Raintree Greens)

Member - David Coe (Deerpark)

Member - Lynda Kaperonis (Raintree South)

Alternate - Richard Grippando (Raintree)

Alternate - Mark Killius (Williamsburg)

Alternate - Mark Koury (Raintree Lakes)

Alternate - Gary Spellman (Timberidge)

Alternate - Vince Fitzgerald (Raintree Greens)

Alternate - Matt Mendate (Deerpark)

Alternate - Jeannie Laffoday (Raintree South)

Architectural Review Committees

Each of the 7 HOAs has its own Architectural Review Committee. In many cases, sub-communities also operate their own such committees. Violation and project decisions are reviewed by each committee. Support for ARC functions is important. This may include receiving and tracking complaints, projects as well as mailing letters. A system of electronically filing with automatic notification and follow ups is preferred. VOR staff may be asked to take photos, mail or place violation notices on doors.

VOR Committee Structure

VOR Committee

Each of the seven HOAs is entitled to at least one representative on each standing committee. This representative may be its VOR Board representative, another HOA Board member or any other property owner from its HOA. The VOR Committees may be assigned tasks by the VOR Board or advise the VOR Board on items within their area of coverage.

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